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Welcome to the world of Gaetano Di Giacomo, where your wedding videography journey transforms into an elegant, cinematic experience. As a leading videographer for weddings, Gaetano and his team specialise in crafting authentic, heartfelt films that capture the heartfelt moments of your special day. Our unique blend of storytelling wedding videography combines fine art and documentary styles, creating timeless wedding films that are not just videos but cherished heirlooms treasured by generations.

Our Featured Wedding Films

Amy & Wesley – Avington Park, Hampshire – UK

Jonathan and Arielle – Tenuta di Artimino, Tuscany – Italy

Lily & Scott – West Green House Garden, Hampshire – UK

Claudia & Ash – Kimpton Fitzroy, London – UK

Cassidy & Leon – Villa Cipressi, Lake Como – Italy

Erin & Alistair – Pennard House, Somerset – UK

Why Choose Gaetano Di Giacomo For Your Wedding Film?

Your personal luxury videography service begins the moment you choose Gaetano Di Giacomo as your wedding videographer. With a reputation for excellence, our approach is considered and authentic, ensuring every film is a premium, top-tier production. Our acclaimed expertise in documentary-style wedding videography results in candid, natural, and creative wedding films that reflect the true essence of your celebration.

From the first glance to the final dance, our expert videographers capture each moment with a cinematic style that feels both intimate and grand. We excel in being unobtrusive; allowing your day to unfold naturally, we capture authentic moments while ensuring our presence is barely noticed by your guests.

We are also at hand to help with anything throughout the day, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable wedding experience. Our dedicated team, with their keen eye for detail and passion for storytelling, guarantees that your wedding film will become a cherished keepsake, treasured for generations to come.

Amber_&_Joey (437 of 609)

Capturing Your Love Story Across Borders: UK and Italy

Our expert wedding videography service extends to various locations, offering full-day wedding videography across London, Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Essex, and beyond. Our fine art wedding videography is perfect for those who cherish elegance and artistry, while our candid and creative approach suits couples looking for a more natural, unscripted portrayal of their day.

In addition to these beautiful UK regions, we proudly offer destination wedding videography in Italy, embracing the romantic landscapes and rich cultural heritage that make Italian weddings truly special. Gaetano, with his Italian roots and artistic flair, brings an authentic touch to capturing the essence of Italian weddings. Whether it’s a serene ceremony in the Tuscan countryside or a vibrant celebration on the Amalfi Coast, our team is highly experienced at creating films that resonate with the beauty and spirit of Italy.


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Amalfi coast wedding videographer Gaetano Di Giacomo holding his camera in his hand in Italy.

What Makes Our Wedding Films Unique?

Each wedding highlight film is a masterpiece of storytelling, seamlessly blending moments into a narrative of love, joy, and timeless elegance. Our wedding videos are more than just a recording of your day; they are visual stories told with passion and flair, capturing the atmosphere in a way that still photographs simply cannot.

From the initial consultation to the final delivery, we work closely with you to ensure your wedding film is a worthwhile keepsake, reflecting the individuality of your relationship and the essence of your wedding day.

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Drone Showreel

Drone scenes are great option to consider when you choose your wedding videography and photography, since it can be used in a variety of ways. They can capture key moments of the day – such as videoing confetti the throwing moment in a unique way to special moments between the bride and groom or photographing a big group of guests from above. Drone filming can look so spectacular, as it can really show the majesty of a wedding venue and its surroundings.

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