Capturing The Splendour of Your Wedding Day From The Skies

Drone wedding videography is an exquisite option to consider for your big day. It adds an unparalleled dimension to wedding films, combining the intimacy of ground-level shots with breathtaking aerial perspectives. Our drone video production specializes in capturing key moments — from the joyous confetti throw to quiet, intimate moments between the couples. With a drone, even photographing a large group of guests becomes an artful display, offering a unique viewpoint from above.

At Gaetano Di Giacomo, we understand the importance of these moments. Our drone footage not only showcases the majestic beauty of your wedding venue and its surroundings but also adds an additional layer of sophistication to your wedding film, transforming it into a cinematic masterpiece.

What truly sets our drone wedding videography apart is our considerate, unobtrusive approach. Our drones glide silently, capturing every grand and intimate moment without the guests even realising they are there. This ensures genuine, unposed emotions are caught on film, adding authenticity to your wedding video.

Drone Showreel

Your Wedding Captured in Majestic Detail

Drone footage for weddings is more than just a trend; it’s a way to preserve the majesty and emotion of your wedding day. Whether it’s a sweeping panoramic shot of your venue or a tender moment shared in seclusion, our drone videography captures the essence of your celebration. 

Specialising in wedding videography with drone technology, we ensure each film we produce is a work of art, worthy of your love story.

“We received our wedding film. It’s unreal. It’s like an actual movie. The music that goes with it is beautiful and on point and the moments Gae captured are magical. It had us all in tears


Amalfi coast wedding videographer Gaetano Di Giacomo holding his camera in his hand in Italy.

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If you’re interested in capturing your wedding in stunning detail from the skies, contact Gaetano Di Giacomo, your drone video production specialist, to discuss how we can incorporate aerial videography into your wedding film. With our expertise, your wedding video will be a breathtaking visual journey that you’ll cherish forever.

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