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At the heart of every wedding is a unique love story waiting to be told. Gaetano Di Giacomo Media brings this story to life through exquisite wedding photography and videography, capturing the essence of your special day with elegance, emotion, and timeless beauty. Whether you’re saying “I do” under the London skyline or amidst the romantic landscapes of Italy, we’re here to capture every moment with unparalleled artistry.

Why Choose Us for Your Wedding Photography and Videography?

Choosing Gaetano Di Giacomo Media means opting for a seamless experience that combines both photography and videography, ensuring a cohesive look and feel to your wedding memories. Our understanding of the intricate dynamics between these two art forms allows us to provide a smoother, more integrated service. When the same team is responsible for both your wedding photos and film, not only is the planning process simplified, but the aesthetic of your visuals is harmoniously matched, reflecting the unique atmosphere of your day with fluidity and grace.

While we cherish collaborating with other photographers, we’ve found that couples enjoy a more streamlined and less stressful experience when working with a single team for both photography and videography needs. This synergy ensures that your wedding’s story is told in a visually consistent manner, with every smile, tear, and tender moment captured in a style that’s distinctly yours.

Specialising in both UK and destination weddings, we bring a nuanced understanding of diverse cultural traditions and the expertise to capture them with sensitivity and style. Gaetano’s fluency in English and Italian, paired with his deep understanding of various cultures, makes him the ideal choice for multicultural and destination weddings.

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Helen & Sean

Charlotte & Bill

Roxana & Wissam

Our Exclusive Wedding Photography & Videography Packages

Exclusively for our videography clients, we offer comprehensive packages that include both wedding photography and videography. This service is designed to provide a complete narrative of your day, from the early morning preparations to the final dance, captured with elegance and cinematic flair.

Understanding the uniqueness of each wedding, our packages are customizable to meet your specific desires and budget constraints. Whether you’re after succinct coverage or wish to document the entire day’s journey, our offerings can be tailored to encapsulate your vision perfectly.

Our commitment to excellence is evident through our use of the latest technology in photography and videography, including drone capabilities to add a cinematic flair to your photos and videos. This commitment ensures that your wedding memories are not merely captured but are transformed into pieces of art. With Gaetano Di Giacomo Media Production, expect vivid, crisp images and beautifully edited videos, with the added depth and dramatic perspective of drone footage, ensuring they will remain a treasure for generations to come.

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    High Quality Wedding Photographs in Hertfordshire

    Finding the ideal wedding photographer is a tricky subject. You only have one test run at your big day. This means you only get one shot with the right photographer. When it comes to creating wedding photographs to die for, there is only one thing you can do: turn to the reviews. Choosing a wedding photographer based on client reviews and experience can only lead you to one door. Here at Gaetano Di Giacomo Media Production, we have a ten-year track record and maintain our 5-star rating. We provide excellent quality wedding photography for luxury weddings, budget weddings, big events and intimate settings. Our clients trust us with their wedding photographs, and you can too. We have yet to let a single couple down.

    If you live in Hertfordshire, we are your number 1 choice for wedding photography that you can depend on. We have the eye for the shot that you need to create stunning pictures. We know the ins and outs of wedding days, and we know what scheduling them is like. We will arrive on time, or earlier, and start shooting while you prepare for your special day. We can capture those intimate moments that you forget about without pictures to prove it. We can document your big day in a way that speaks of finery and luxury, and in a way that you will never forget.

    Hertfordshire plays home to many fine wedding venues. Over our ten years as wedding photographers in the region, we have accumulated a good working relationship with the wedding venues in Hertfordshire. Some of our client’s favourites have included the Coltsfoot Country Retreat, which is exactly as quaint as it says it is, and the Barn at Alswick. Wedding barns are trendy, spacious, and perfect for your décor ideas.

    We provide excellent quality wedding photography throughout Hertfordshire, including:


    • Stevenage
    • St Albans
    • Redbourn
    • Harpenden
    • Rickmansworth
    • Watford
    • Bushey
    • Cheshunt
    • Hertford
    • Ware