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Complete Guide To Wedding Videography For Couples

Considering hiring a wedding videographer to capture your big day on film? This guide on what to expect from your wedding videographer will help you navigate through the confusion and make the right choice.

At Gaetano Di Giacomo Media Production, wedding videography is our forte. With years of experience and countless classic wedding films to our name, we’re ideally positioned to guide you through the process of hiring a wedding videographer who can beautifully cover your wedding day.

Wedding videographers capture the magical essence that makes each wedding special. They provide a timeless reminder to the couple and their loved ones of the celebration of two families coming together. They capture those little moments that you just can’t quite manage to capture in a photograph.

Read on to discover the beauty of wedding videography and learn how you can capture a little bit of that magic for yourself.

Gaetano di Giacomo, wedding videographer, directing a couple at their wedding.

What is Wedding Videography?

Wedding videography is the term we use to describe the entire process of creating the wedding video of a client’s big day. It involves multiple tasks, making it a significant endeavour best left to professionals. An amateur cannot achieve the level of excellence your wedding deserves.

A wedding videographer –  a specialist in creating quality wedding videos – will undertake multiple tasks, including:

  • Initial meeting to discuss your venue, dates, and expectations
  • Consultation before the event to discuss your vision and ongoing throughout
  • Travel to and from the venue
  • Bring specialist camera equipment with them to your wedding
  • They will show up early to capture the setup of your venue
  • Record your guests arriving
  • Record the parties getting ready
  • Record the event itself, the grounds, the party, the meal, and any other celebrations 
  • Do follow-up work and ongoing consultations until the final edit is settled upon and produced

After the wedding, the videographer will then offer an editing service where they will spend hours turning that raw footage into the specific style of wedding video which you require. 

Don’t forget that the videographer does extra work for different styles, such as interviewing guests for a documentary-style wedding or buying their own props to make the photos more interesting.

The Different Styles of Wedding Video

There are different styles of wedding videos to familiarise yourself with so that you can make an informed decision about what style you’d like.

The Cinematic Wedding Masterpeice

For those desiring swooping aerial footage, creative shots that make everything appear epic, and wedding films that resemble action movies, a fully cinematic style experience is ideal. Think Hollywood, glamour, and sensational shots. 

The Wedding Trailer

Enhance your cinematic wedding video with a thirty-second teaser trailer, capturing the essence and pivotal moments in a compact form. Opt for a slightly longer two-minute version to capture the essence, the main moment, and little else. This shorter wedding trailer video can be a cost-effective option for weddings on a budget.

The Storytelling Video

At Gaetano Di Giacomo Media Production, storytelling wedding videos are our speciality. We see every wedding video as a chance to narrate a beautiful love story on film. Recount your love as the romance that it is and let us tell your story. Read more about our storytelling style here. 

The Traditional Wedding Film

A traditional wedding video style will echo many of those which you have already come across, as posted by family and friends. It covers the event, the I do’s, and the guests. It suitably records everything it needs to. For those who cherish nostalgia, a vintage-style wedding video fits perfectly within this traditional framework.

The Documentary Wedding Video

True to its name, a documentary-style wedding video meticulously documents your wedding day. You can choose to document the lead up to the event or you can choose to document that one day. Either way, this takes a magic-tinged-factual approach to the wedding video craft.

Wedding Animations!

Coming right out of the left wing to strike us all with an alternative, some couples are opting to have an animation made on their wedding day instead of a video. This creative alternative, brought to life by a digital animator, adapts one of the above styles into an animated format. It’s a fun alternative for those who hate to be on camera.

The Benefits of Hiring a Wedding Videographer

Underestimating the benefits of securing a professional wedding videographer is a common oversight. Opting to cut costs by entrusting this role to a friend or relative often leads to missed moments and, in worst-case scenarios, lost footage or not hitting the record button!

When you hire a professional wedding videographer, you eliminate much of this potential negativity. Experts use multiple cameras and different angles to ensure your big moment is fully covered. They have professional equipment, specially made for the task at hand. An iPhone has a wonderful camera but it cannot be in three places at once, and neither can your buddy Joe.

Other benefits of hiring an expert wedding videographer include:

  • Your wedding day, captured in full motion, allowing you to revisit those once-in-a-lifetime moments.
  • See parts of your wedding you might have missed, like your partner’s morning preparations and the anticipation they felt.
  • A high-quality video becomes a treasured keepsake for your entire family, enjoyable for years and generations to come.
  • A high quality video is a true testament to the class and love of the day.
  • Proudly share your wedding day on social media, knowing the quality reflects the day’s beauty and emotion.
  • You have a brilliant souvenir.
  • You can relive both the emotions and your vows again and again, until death do you part. 

Are you trying to decide whether it’s worth having a videographer at your wedding? Here’s everything you need to consider to make an informed decision.

Close up of bride carrying a bridal bouquet.

How To Choose Your Wedding Videographer

Selecting the right wedding videographer is crucial to ensuring your special day is captured just the way you envision it. Begin by exploring portfolios of potential videographers. These collections showcase their finest work, offering insight into their style and the quality you can expect for your own wedding. Make a list of the things you like about some videos and the things you don’t like about others, and don’t be afraid to bring that list up during that initial consultation.

Consideration of your budget is essential, but equally important is choosing a videographer whose company you enjoy. After all, they will be a significant presence on your wedding day. Enquire about their videography styles, techniques, and the equipment they use, including the number of cameras they plan to utilise for your event. Finding a videographer who aligns with both your budget and personal style will ensure a seamless experience and a final product you’ll cherish.

Browse Gaetano di Giacomo Media Production Wedding Videography Portfolio here.

What To Discuss With Your Wedding Videographer

Begin the conversation by discussing budget and rates to understand what you can expect within your financial parameters. It’s important to clarify whether editing is included in their package and any special requirements they might have on the day, such as accommodation or meal breaks for all-day events.

Confirm whether your videographer is willing to travel to your venue and delve into the style of wedding video you envision. Asking how they plan to bring your vision to life can give you insight into their creative process and ensure they’re the right fit for you. Personality is another great pick. Don’t opt for a wedding videographer who talks over your ideas or ignores your needs. Look for someone who respects your ideas and is enthusiastic about making them come to life. They are executing your vision, so communication is key.

Lastly, remember to ask about additional services they might offer and to discuss what the final product will include.

Bride and groom listening to their wedding speeches.

Preparing For Your Wedding Day Videography

Wondering if there’s anything special you need to do to prepare for your wedding videographer? The good news is, preparing for their arrival is as straightforward as the process of hiring them. On your wedding day, you’ll be free to immerse yourself in the celebration, provided there’s a bit of preparation beforehand.

To ensure everything goes smoothly, your videographer will need a few key pieces of information:

A copy of your wedding day itinerary: This helps them plan where they need to be and when.

Pre-wedding meetings: A meeting or two before your big day is crucial to discuss your specific desires for the film and any particular moments you want to ensure are captured, like the exchange of vows.

Details on key moments: Highlighting parts of the wedding you especially want covered ensures these moments don’t go unnoticed.

With this information in hand and a clear itinerary for the day, your wedding videographer can arrive, set up, and start capturing your day’s special moments without requiring any direct oversight from you. This allows you to focus entirely on enjoying your day.

FAQs on Wedding Videography

These common questions might contain answers you seek about hiring a professional to create your wedding video. Read through these for answers, but don’t forget to contact Gaetano Di Giacomo Media Production about Wedding Videography if you have further questions which are not answered here.

Q) Do you cover my area?

A) Choosing a wedding videographer who doesn’t service your wedding region isn’t practical. As an international traveler based between Italy and the UK, Gaetano Di Giacomo is an expert in wedding videography, ready to journey to your wedding location and capture your big day.

Q) Do you use a drone to capture wedding footage?

A) Yes, we have a drone and can use it to capture breathtaking aerial footage of your wedding. To enable us to use a drone, we have to obtain ongoing permission from the CAA. For this reason, we class drone footage as an optional extra.

Q) I’m nervous about being on camera, how can we deal with this?

A) Each videographer has their approach to ease the couple’s nerves. In the most experienced cases, wedding videographers like Gaetano Di Giacomo operates discreetly, blending into the background to catch those genuine, fleeting moments—romantic glances and quiet gestures—you might not see otherwise. A videographer’s calming presence and complementary personality can greatly assist those feeling camera-shy.

Q) How much experience do you have in wedding videography?

A) In the world of wedding videos, experience is far better than education. The more weddings a videographer has filmed, the more adept they are at navigating unforeseen challenges on the day. It’s this experience that elevates a wedding film from ordinary to extraordinary. Trust only a specialist with such an important task.

Q) Do you offer package deals?

A) A package deal will include all the individual aspects of creating your wedding video. If you don’t want to worry about it at all, go for a full or deluxe experience. These packages allow you to truly ignore the cameras yet still receive a stunning wedding video. 

Your wedding videographer may even have a package for those of you getting married on a budget.

Q) Will my wedding video be as good as the ones you have in your portfolio?

A) A wedding videographer of any experience will have a portfolio filled with their best work. Your wedding stands a chance to match or even surpass these examples. Discussing your ideas and preferences helps tailor a film that’s uniquely yours. Remember: the best ideas for wedding films come from those who created their own website footage.

Wedding Videography Requires an Expert

Your wedding videographer is responsible for making sure you receive a beautiful film which captures your wedding day. This task demands the expertise of a professional equipped with the right tools. They will record all the details, missed glances, romantic gestures, and little moments of your big day, then edit this into a film which you can enjoy for years to come. 

Choosing the right videographer relies on your ability to do a little research. Explore portfolios, visit websites, and take advantage of free consultations to meet with potential videographers. Opt for a filmmaker whose personality resonates with yours and who demonstrates a clear proficiency in wedding videography.

If you follow these rules, you will find the ideal wedding videographer for you, every time you need one. But let us hope you only ever need to find them once! 

You can contact Gaetano Di Giacomo Media Production today to book your wedding videography consultation in plenty of time for your big day. 


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