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Italian Wedding Videographer

Italian Wedding Videographer

Getting married is the event of a lifetime – so you need an Italian wedding Videographer worthy of the task. When you meet the love of your life, they say there are no bells and whistles. There is no nervousness, no feeling of panic. They say that when you meet the love of your life, there is only a quiet, resounding calmness. This is the same feeling you will get when you find the right Italian Wedding Videographer for you.

London Weddings require the Best videographers

London weddings are a competitive business. Even though Millennials and Gen Z are less likely to marry than their predecessors, the art of composing a perfect Big Day is still treasured. Last year, nearly 250,000 couples tied the knot in the UK, with the largest proportion of these weddings taking place in the capital. It is estimated that the rate of weddings is declining at around 2% per year. For those London couples who do want the white wedding, Statista reports that we spend an average of £32,273 on the event. A wedding day is not complete with an engagement ring, on which we spend an average three grand. Put simply, companies make big bucks out of your wedding day… so you need a videographer that is going to be worth the expense.

Why Choose an Italian Wedding Videographer?

A wedding should be an elegant, classic, indulgent affair. It should be lavish and rich, opulent and graceful, and who better fits into this fantasy scene than an Italian? Italy is the home of cinema. All the way back to Cinema de Paradiso, we can trace the history of Italian videographers and we can see their delicate touch throughout Hollywood. As well as having an immaculate history of cinematography, an Italian wedding videographer has the sort of attention to production values that you would expect to find in big budget movie making. They come prepared with a myriad of equipment, with cameras, tripods, editing software and skill in touching up footage. Perhaps best of all, hiring an Italian wedding videographer for your big day allows you to relax. Once hired, you can be safe in the knowledge that you will receive a sleek, professional finished video that fully documents your wedding day. Although you might be tempted to have a family member work the camera, you cannot trust someone unpaid to put the time, effort, and dedication into the creation of your wedding video that you would like.

A Great Videographer makes a Great Document of your Wedding Day

Hiring a videographer is akin to hiring a photographer for your London based wedding. You could leave it up to a friend, but you know you will not get the level of satisfaction that you would from retrieving the finished film from your videographer. It will not be high-quality, it will not have a professional edge, and it will not have the same production values. Your wedding day should be something you look back on with admiration. It should be a day made as easy as possible for you. All you should need to worry about is showing up, saying your vows, and enjoying your party. So, let an Italian videographer relieve you of your stress so you can get on with the celebration.


Gaetano Di Giacomo, 

Videographer & Photographer

A professional in both wedding and corporate Media Production.
Based in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire but working across the UK.
Shooting with my Sony a7 III and a range of prime lenses, while my DJI Ronin creates smooth gliding shots! Interested in working with me? Contact me here today and let’s arrange a chat!

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