Why it pays to invest in a wedding photographer for your big day.

We know that weddings can be expensive and if you are working to a budget, or you want to keep the costs down as much as you can, then chances are that you are going to be thinking about what you really need and what you don’t.

There are certain things that weddings can still be perfect without, however, there are some things that are truly worthwhile investing in, and we believe that a good quality wedding photographer in Buckinghamshire is one of these things.

So, with so many other things to pay out for, why do we, here at Gaetano Di Giacomo wedding photographer, think that you should plan in to spend out on this service?

A wedding photographer can help you to make memories

You will never forget your wedding day, however, as time goes by you are likely to find what you can remember to be a little fuzzy around the edges. When you book in a wedding photographer you are helping yourself to make memories, to capture images that you can then revisit later on in life and remind you just how amazing your big day was.

You can see things that you didn’t know about

When you are busy getting ready for the wedding, separated in the morning or perhaps wrapped up in other things during the celebration; it is too easy to miss other special moments. When you hire a wedding photographer, particularly a wedding documentary photographer, you will be able to see snippets of the day that you didn’t get to experience first-hand.

They will make you look amazing

Of course, every single couple will have a beautiful glow around them on their big day, however, with a top quality wedding photographer they are going to know exactly how to pose in a way that showcases you both perfectly and against the right backdrops too.

You will bring people together

Whilst styled shots are not for everyone on their wedding day, in the most part these organised group photos are actually a great addition. They allow you to bring people together that you might not have a chance to take a photo of again; such as distant friends or family members. Not only this, but how often do you get the chance to take a photo of your whole family, without someone being missing? With a wedding photo shoot you are going to be able to make sure that no-one has to dip out to take the photo and everyone can be in it together!

Now you know why it is so important to book in a wedding photographer for your big day, why not check out the very best wedding photographers in London? Whether you are looking for a natural wedding photographer or a documentary wedding photographer then we can promise you that we will help to create some treasured memories of your special day that you can treasure forever.

Why do I need a wedding videographer?

It’s always said that your wedding day will flash by in an instant. You’ll be swept along all day in a flurry of activity, and there will be little details you will miss, and big moments you’ll want to remember for years.

This is why hiring a wedding videographer is so important in making your special day last forever. There are so many costs when it comes to a wedding, and adding a wedding videographer to them may seem like an unnecessary expense, especially if you have hired a photographer.

However, couples should think of it as an investment, and you won’t regret your decision when you’re watching your precious wedding video on your 1st, 10th, or even 50th anniversary.

A Lasting Record To Treasure

Photographs of your big day are lovely to have, but a video will add a more personal touch to the day, and provide you with the little details that you’ll forget over time.

It’s a complete visual record of the day’s events, from the bride and groom getting ready in the morning, to the throwing of the bouquet, and much more in between. Also, the sounds of the event can only be captured in a video, so you’ll get to relive your vows and your first dance song forever. Other members of your family will benefit from the video too.

Some guests may not be able to attend the ceremony, and they’ll love watching your video, knowing that they haven’t missed out completely. It’s also a chance for you and your family to make memories to treasure forever, especially when your loved ones have passed on, and you will appreciate the record you have of them enjoying your special day with you.

Your children and grandchildren will enjoy watching the footage in the future, and you’ll enjoy watching it with them. The memories will never fade, as long as you have a visual memento to cherish.

Hiring a Wedding Videographer

Some couples may ask a friend or family member to film on the day, but they won’t have the correct equipment, and won’t be able to edit it and transform it into a masterpiece.

A professional wedding videographer can be trusted to capture everything that you want to remember, and the little details you might miss. After all, the big event will only happen once, so you want your wedding video to do it justice. Gaetano Di Giacomo Media Production (GDGMP) is a wedding videographer in Buckinghamshire that will make sure your video is perfectly filmed and edited.

With over 10 years’ experience, GDGMP knows what it takes to create a lasting visual record of your big day. If you wish to watch previous weddings that Gaetano Di Giacomo Media Production has filmed, visit their  Instagram account. Enjoy married life, and look forward to reliving your special day each time you press play on your video. You’ll be glad you made the decision to make lasting memories to treasure.

Choosing your first dance song – our picks to help you find the perfect song for your big day!

There are plenty of emotional and beautiful moments to look forward to when it comes to your wedding day. This could be seeing the bride in her wedding dress for the first time, or perhaps getting all the family and friends together to allow for the wedding photographer to take their shots.

However, one of the main times that many people will look forward to is hearing your first dance song. So much so, that you will usually find that your wedding videographer will stick around until your first dance song and will them move on, leaving you to dance the night away with your guests.

Wedding songs are usually sentimental choices, some maybe the bride’s song and some may be the groom’s song. However, the main thing to think about is your favourite wedding song as a couple, something that really has a meaning to you both.

If you are looking for a first dance song and you feel that you are stuck on which one to choose, we are here to help you. We have put together a variety of songs that we think could be the perfect choice for your big day.

Snow Patrol- Chasing Cars

There is something pretty beautiful about this particular song. Chasing Cars is not only a popular tune, but it is also quite sentimental too. It is a sure-fire way to ensure that everyone knows how you and your new bride or groom is all that you need and maybe even get a few tears shed in the process.

Foo Fighters- Everlong

If you prefer a rockier approach to your first dance, then you might want to think about this particular tune. Everlong is beautiful, but it is still alternative enough to appeal to plenty of “against the grain couples” it is also a bit more of a surprise than some of the other songs out there that you can choose.

Elvis- Can’t Help Falling in Love

There is also nothing wrong with choosing a song that is more traditional and classic. Especially if it is as beautiful as this tune from Elvis. The great thing about this particular song is that it is not only romantic, but it also appeals to the majority of your guests too, no matter their age.

Take That- Shine

A first dance wedding song doesn’t always have to mean that it is slow, it can actually be a fast and more upbeat tune, one that you can actually dance to (and maybe encourage your wedding guests to join in on too). We think that that this particular song is nice and upbeat and it still has a relatively romantic feel. Which really is the perfect combination.

As you can see, there is plenty of choice when it comes to your wedding day song, so, why not take some inspiration from our list and see if you can find the right first dance song for your wedding day?