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Wedding Videography Prices

Wondering how much it costs to hire a wedding videographer in the UK? Let’s find out…

When you want to get married, there are suddenly a thousand little costs rearing their ugly heads. Unfortunately, the perfect day isn’t possible without getting to grips with the pricing. With wedding photography and videography, prices fluctuate quite a lot throughout the UK, so let’s break it down.

The Benefits of hiring a Videographer

Before we get into the details of pricing, let’s talk about why you need a videographer for your wedding. Most of the reasoning is to do with the quality of the recordings made. A wedding videographer will make a complete, beautiful documentation of your wedding day. An amateur won’t have that privilege.

There’s the question of experience, too. A good London based wedding videographer like Gaetano comes with a rich background of capturing weddings on film, all over the world. They know what works and what won’t work… an amateur has no idea of the tricks of the trade.

Thirdly, people in the UK love to have that cherished memory of their big day captured on film. Come anniversaries or valentine’s day they can whip it out and show their loved ones. Offspring can enjoy seeing their parents married even though they weren’t born yet. A wedding video really is the perfect memento.

With all the benefits of hiring a videographer for your wedding in mind, let’s talk about pricing.

How much does a wedding videographer cost to hire?

If you are considering hiring a world class videographer for your wedding, cost is a big part of the issue. To be blunt about it, a typical UK-based photographer charges in two lots. One charge is for editing, one charge is for the footage. If you wanted to, you could have them film all day then chop the footage together yourself – but again, if you want a brilliant token to remember your wedding by, just pay the editing fees.

An average videography cost in the UK is £500 for the wedding day and the footage creation, then a further £500 for editing it all together into a beautifully finished film. When you get into the large towns and cities, however, the price of a good videographer increases.

How much does a London-based wedding videographer cost to hire?

In London, for example, that price shoots up to around the £2000 mark. There are other considerations to consider that can also affect the price. Do they have to trnavel far? Do they have to stay overnight? Does your videographer need to capture anything special you would like added to the wedding video? Are there any additions to the footage and editing?

All of these are chargeable. To make sure you do not get surprised with an unexpected bill, be sure to have a long consultation with your videographer. Discuss price in depth and get their structure in writing to be safe.

Finally, the number of copies of a DVD you want to give out, as well as the online access to your film, can affect how much a videographer in London costs.

Recommend a Videographer?

Of course, we are a little biased. But Gaetano Di Giacomo takes some of the finest wedding videos in London and is available for hire. WE hope you have a wonderful wedding day.


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