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Wedding Song Playlist

Finding the right tracks to play at your wedding isn’t difficult when you have a little help.

Working out what to play at your wedding is difficult at best. We don’t just mean on the day of your wedding, either. Your wedding playlist is what you listen to on your stag or hen night, what you listen to while hair and makeup are working their magic, and what plays in the car on the way to your wedding.

A wedding playlist is tricky because it should be worked out between the two of you. What if you are both heavy metal fans? What if one of you likes classical music and the other likes pop music? How do you meet in the middle when musical tastes vary so much?

Luckily for you, we have guided many a distraught bride through the perfect playlist and you are in exactly the right place. Today, we want to focus on wedding song playlists… what goes on it, what comes off it, and what will offend your dear old grandma?

How to Create a Wedding song Playlist Everyone Loves!

Here are hot tips on how to get the best wedding song playlist possible.

Pick out your favourites

As individuals, keep track of all the songs that you love for a week or two. Once you have thought it through and have a list of your favourites, go through them with your partner and tick the ones you agree on. This gives you a solid start to your list. You might even find you have enough music between you to last the day.

Add in more than you need

Ever been on a long drive and the music starts repeating? The last thing you want is for this to happen on your wedding day. You need at least 200 songs if you want to make sure nothing repeats itself. If you and your partner come up with 50-100 songs, though, where do you find the other 100?

Can you dance to it?

Further refinement or bulking of a wedding playlist includes checking out any dance tunes from the last two decades. Mr Brightside, for example, is always a hit at weddings.

What else to consider with your wedding playlist?

On top of your own playlist, there are other factors to be considered.

The Wedding Band

The wedding band might not be able to play all the songs on your list. In this case, you can go ahead and consult with the band over what they can and can’t play. Very often, wedding bands have set lists that you can pick and choose from. Keep in mind that the band won’t play all night, either, so you will still need your own playlist as a filler in between.

The Wedding DJ

Again, the chances are a wedding DJ has their own set list that you can choose from. Although the best all-round option is to give them your wedding playlist and let them take care of it all night on your behalf.

How it sounds in videos?

If you have a videographer coming to your wedding, you should think about how it is going to sound in the DVD. In this sense, at least, the old classics like Sweet Caroline and Don’t Stop Believin’ sound the best. If you need that videographer and haven’t hired one yet, remember to get in touch.

Further inspiration

Still stuck for good wedding songs? Check out these lists of popular wedding songs, courtesy of Hitched Magazine,, and The Knot.


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