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Wedding Photography Packages

Wedding Photography Packages

Your guide to finding the right wedding photography package for your big day. Weddings are once in a lifetime. They are the kind of event we hope to have once and never repeat. That means that, by and large, we aren’t educated on what works, what doesn’t work, and what should come as standard at every wedding. For this reason, we have wedding planners, wedding experts, bridal stores and wedding bands. We have a plethora of wedding packages. You can have a wedding package for cake, for videography, for your car hire and for your honeymoon. Today, we want to examine your wedding photography package and what it should – and should not – include.

What’s a Wedding Photography Package?

Your wedding photography package is the set of specifications you will negotiate with your photographer. Generally, a good wedding photographer has pre-planned packages so that you can make an easy selection of the parts of the service that you want. The best in the business offers modular packages which you can chop and choose from, paying only for what you need and use.

What’s included in a wedding photography package?

A wedding photography package usually covers a variety of features and elements that you may require from your photographer on your wedding day. Some of the things they might include are:
  • Destination wedding travel costs – if you are having a wedding abroad and you want to take the photographer with you, you can get a specific travel photography package for your wedding day.
  • Attendance on the day – a wedding photographer will have to take the whole day to attend your wedding. If paying by hour this adds up.
  • Editing of the footage – if you don’t want your photographer to hand you negatives back, then you need to opt for a wedding photography package that includes editing.
  • The cost of a second photographer to help the first. Sometimes, wedding videos and photos can be done by the same firm.
  • Several printed photos for you to place in an album.
  • An online space where you can browse and order more prints where necessary.
  • Consultations and pre-wedding Q&A, or updates throughout the process.
You’re wedding photography package usually involves you receiving edited photos from the day via USB or digital transfer, but your prints will arrive later. Usually, prints arrive just in time for you to be pleasantly reminded of the results.

How much to pay for a wedding photography package?

A Full wedding photography package can start from £850 and work its way up in price. If you are opting for a full videography and photography service at a high-end wedding with multiple prints, you might end up paying a few thousand. It will be entirely worth it for the memories.  

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