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Wedding Movie to Watch with your Partner

Get into the mood for your big day with these top best wedding films of all time!

If you are trying to drop the hint that it is time, then wedding movies can be a good way to start wearing them down. Of course, you should never have to manipulate someone into marrying you – but it doesn’t hurt to put feelers out in the right directions and see how they respond.

With this in mind, we sourced some of the best rated wedding films of all time. They’re not quite rom coms, but they are a mixed bag of fun and flirtatious films. Here at Gaetano Di Giacomo, we have ten years’ worth of experience in all things wedding (and wedding videography), so wedding films are somewhat of a specialty of ours.

The Best Wedding Movies of all Time

What are the best movies to watch with your partner to get you into the nuptial mood? Let’s take a look…

5 – My Big Fat Greek Wedding

In at number five we have My Big Fat Greek Wedding. A traditional Greek woman falls in love with a non-Greek man, and lessons must be learned the hard way – and fast. What follows is a hilarious turn of events that has your sides splitting. At the end of the day, love prevails, and everyone goes home happy.

4 – The Wedding Planner

A few years later, we were gifted the epic masterpiece that saw J-Lo teamed with Mathew McConaughey in the Wedding Planner. Boy meets girl, girl loves boy, boy loves other girl, girl persuades him to love her instead, wedding planner ends up planning her own wedding. It’s a familiar story.

3 – 27 Dresses

Who can forget the worrying feeling caused by 27 dresses, when a woman tries to stand by her sister as she falls in love with the man that she loves? The couple proceed to the wedding day before the ultimate confusion is reached. Can you put family first when it comes to love?

2 – Muriel’s Wedding

This film is a rom com featuring a duped bride finally ends with everyone falling in love and living happily ever after. She might be a little ridiculous, but by the end of the movie we are all crying tears of happiness for the main character. Muriel is a bit of a bunny boiler, has a terrible voice, and generally makes every man run away, but you know what they say about there being someone for everyone.

1 – Bridesmaids

The bridesmaids go on a wild night before the wedding. There are tears, there is drama, there are broken hearts. Ultimately, however, everyone goes to the church on time and the wedding goes ahead. True love always prevails, doesn’t it? This is such an iconic wedding film that we are still waiting for the sequel. It’s one of the best wedding films of all time, period.

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