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Wedding DJ or Band?

Should you have a DJ or a Wedding Band at your wedding?

If you already read our article on how to pick the perfect playlist for your wedding, then you are already familiar with the wedding DJ versus wedding band argument. Both have merits, both have flaws. We took a more in-depth look at the pros and cons to give you more information.

The Pros and Cons of Wedding DJs

Wedding day DJs are a blessing for those with a well-prepared wedding day playlist. They represent the easiest way to make sure you hear the songs you want on your big day.

Some of the pros of hiring a wedding DJ is the price, which usually costs less, the space they need, and the equipment they use. All of it should come as part of the deal. The DJ is great for those who don’t have time to make playlists of their own as they should have a pre-set wedding list. If you are providing them with drinks while they are with you, they will cost you less in bar fees.

Some of the cons of hiring a DJ include relying on one person for your whole nights entertainment, spending a lot of money for what is essentially someone to man a computer and sound system all night, and the occasional DJ who thinks they know better than to play songs on their pre-arranged playlist. Besides from artistic differences, if your DJ gets caught in traffic, the show will have to go on via a willing relative.



The Pros and Cons of Wedding Bands

Wedding bands, on th

e other hand, give you a nice live venue-feel. Many of them are well-versed in the wedding classics, with set lists that include plenty of breaks to make the set last all night long.

Some of the pros of hiring a wedding band for you

r wedding celebrations is that they have

that authentic, live atmosphere that feels like a festival. When you see a band, your guests know that they are in for a wild night and an event they will remember. When you hire a band the equipment is provided, the set can be issued, and songs can be learned in advance. Besides all the rest of the comments, wedding bands are ideal for your first dance.

On the other hand, wedding bands aren’t all roses. They can be late, get stuck in traffic, and have much more chance of technical malfunctions than a DJ will. They may require rehearsals, giving you something else to do through the day. They may not play long enough for the eve

nt to finish and your guests to go home. As well as all the above, a wedding band might not be able to play every song on your playlist.

Don’t forget technical staff

Your photographer and/or videographer is equally as important as the DJ or band that you choose for your wedding. We area London based Italian photographers with years of experience in wedding day bliss. Visit Gaetano Di Giacomo today to learn more.


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