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Micro-Wedding Covid

Can you still get married during Covid-19? How to hold a micro-wedding that’s well within the guidelines.

We are all at the end of our tethers with this virus, let’s face it. One of the worst things about the global pandemic in London, however, is the missing other people. You can’t see your loved ones, can’t go to a funeral, and definitely can’t get married – or can you?

Although restrictions change regularly, people are always going to have to be able to get married. It’s more than a human right, it’s a bond. It’s the creation of a family. Such a thing goes beyond essential. If you can’t get married when you want to, then your human rights are at stake.

Micro-Weddings in London

Luckily, the government knows this, so they allow micro-weddings as a compromise. You are therefore allowed to marry during the pandemic, provided you stick to the rules. What are those rules for Micro-Weddings in London in 2021? Let’s find out…

What’s Government Guidance for Micro-Weddings in London?

There are multiple rules, but official guidelines have been set. The government have announced that weddings will be only 6 people maximum. Although this might change, at the time of writing we are still in the January/February lockdown period.

The government has advised that we only consider a wedding where it is detrimental to avoid it. For example, if a person is dying and the wedding needs to take place now, exceptions can be made. All others should hold off if possible.

Everyone should stay two metres apart, wear face coverings, and otherwise follow the local guidelines on the situation. Weddings cannot take place in private homes for the moment, nor should you have a party afterwards.

Despite all of this, a great day is still possible. Weddings aren’t about facts and figures, they’re about love.

How to have a Stunning Micro-Wedding

Just because you must wear a mask and distance yourself, doesn’t mean that you can’t have an elegant outfit, a few prosecco’s, the trip to the church/chapel, and the ceremony. Your wedding can still take place via live stream, even if a hundred guests can’t attend in person. There are upsides to the Covid-induced micro-wedding. For example, think of all the money you will save.

In fact, if you have been planning a budget wedding for a while, now is the time to maximise those savings.

Besides the savings, here are our hot tips for having a fantastic micro-wedding in 2021 and beyond:

  • Think carefully about your guest list, only 4 others are allowed.
  • Have a wedding planner set everything up before and after you, a coordinated effort could save stress and maximise your happiness.
  • Go through with hair and make-up, it’s part of the big day.
  • Don’t do a meal – but you could do canapés.
  • Don’t have a gathering but make every moment between the buildings and vehicles special.
  • Tell your neighbours about your big day. You might find you get wedding gifts even without the ceremony.
  • Honeymoon at home with wine and fine dining for a week after the wedding. Make sure you still take the time off work to celebrate. You can always have a second honeymoon later.


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