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London Italian Photographer

Need to hire a photographer in London? We have the answers to all your questions!

If you need to hire a photographer in London, then listen up! We have all you need to know about the process, right here. From birthday parties to weddings, school photography to boudoir shoots, here is what you need to consider before you spend your money.

London Italian Wedding Photographers: Things you Need to Know

Finding an Italian wedding photographer is harder than you would think. Gaetano De Giacomo has the flair and style only found among those with the finesse of the classically trained. When you decide to choose Gaetano as your photographer, here are a few things you should know about the process.

You Decide the Subject Matter

With all photoshoots, it is the employer who decides what it is that is to be captured. It may be that you need product photography in London for a new website, it may be that you need a wedding or celebration photographer. Whatever you need him for, you oversee the subject matter within the shoot.

You Will Have a Consultation

When hiring a London-based photographer to create timeless images of your favourite memories, it is usual that you would have a consultation first. You can book a consultation with Gaetano through the website or have a chat with him online.

Your photographer consultation should detail what you want to hire your photographer for, where in London you want to shoot, and when you want to do it. You should ask how much an Italian London-based photographer costs to hire, while you are talking. Prices vary from shoot to shoot.

London Italian Photographers are Hard to come by

There are not that many London-based Italian photographers to choose from. Of those that are available, Gaetano is at the top of his class. He has worked all over the world, providing fascinating, powerful images for those that hire him. Gaetano is one of the few photographers in London that receives consistently high 5-star reviews from past clients.

Photography or Videography?

As well as taking photographs of your celebration, Gaetano is a top-quality videographer, too. He can document an entire wedding, celebration, or special day, through the medium of film. Not only is he highly skilled in the capture, but he has gained acclaim from many a past client with regards to his abilities as an editor and producer. IF you are looking for a London photographer who can do both, Gaetano is arguably the best in the city.

How to Choose the Best London Photographer for you?

If you find yourself in need of a London based photographer with the elegance and finesse that only an Italian can bring, then the choice is obvious. Gaetano Di Giacomo Media Productions can provide exceptional work with a limited time capacity and an affordable budget.

Arguably more importantly, Gaetano Di Giacomo Media Production has helped hundreds of young couples celebrate starting their lives together. He has recorded dozens of first dances, helped countless wives through their big days, and photographed products from middle England to northern Italy. If you could gauge your photographer on experience and happiness generated, there would be no question at all.


Gaetano Di Giacomo, 

Videographer & Photographer

A professional in both wedding and corporate Media Production.
Based in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire but working across the UK.
Shooting with my Sony a7 III and a range of prime lenses, while my DJI Ronin creates smooth gliding shots! Interested in working with me? Contact me here today and let’s arrange a chat!