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How to Organise a 10k Budget Wedding ?

Want to get married without the price tag? Here are our top tips on planning a budget wedding

Here at Gaetano Di Giacomo Media Production, we specialise in the videography and photography of weddings. WE have more than a decade of experience in this area, with an extensive background in wedding photography both here and abroad.

Asides from making some of the best London photography images around, we can also speak with some authority on all matters wedding. One of those matters is how to organise a budget wedding. We know what you can scrimp on and what you can’t.

Believe us when we tell you this: your images and video of the day are two things you do not want to scrimp on. Having evidence to commemorate the big day is as vital as having an official there to join you two in matrimony. There are other things that should also be considered to be indispensable, or that could be left out of a budget big day.

Tips and Tricks for a Great Wedding on a Low Budget

Take some of our advice and you could have a brilliant budget big day, without feeling like you have lost out. We put together some money-saving tips for having the best wedding day possible, without spending a fortune.

The Venue

You can save a lot of money on a venue by hiring a town, village, or church hall. Once decorated, this makes an ideal venue for the reception. With an alcohol license, a good playlist, a few bubble machines and a day’s worth of events’ liability insurance, you could get the lot for under five hundred. If you use the local church to marry in, you can save even more.

The Transport

A single coach taking people there and back from a central location should cost around £200, depending on how far you are going. Your guests will be safe and happy and you can be sure you don’t lose any between venues. Otherwise, save money by having your guests make their own way there.

The Entertainment

You don’t really need a full pipe band or even a wedding DJ, you just need access to the sound system, a little time to figure it out, and a willing wedding guest. Put on your wedding playlist and dance the night away. Have a strict no interference rule so that nobody can change the tunes halfway through or hog the mic.

Karaoke machines are cheap to hire and can make up the end portion of the night. Other reasonably cheap features like photo booths with props, giant jenga, chocolate fountains and even bouncy castles all make for fantastic – yet memorable – touches.

The Food

There’s nothing wrong with a good, old-fashioned, cold food buffet. You can have one made for 60 people from around £200 upwards. You can also decide to invest that £200 in a meal for the close friends and family through the day. Remember, if you have a buffet, include sweet things like pic-a-mix and make more than you think you will need.

Other Helpful Hints to save Money on your Wedding

Other tips include making your own favours, having a loved one make the cake, and renting suits and shoes for the day. You can find a bunch of other brilliant budget big day tips over on Money Saving Expert.


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