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Destination Wedding

Getting married? Going abroad could be the ideal way to cut that guest list by half!

Picture this: Instead of rushing around planning a wedding for 140 people at a local venue, you go abroad. You take only cherished friends and family members… you put the money you save on wining and dinging more than a hundred guests into the flight costs of only your nearest and dearest… think how much easier the whole process would be… Right?

The destination wedding is going to make a comeback and, when it does, we will be ready for it. To prepare, we discuss the pros and cons of a destination wedding, below.

The Benefits of a Destination Wedding

It’s everyone’s dream to get married in a big white wedding, isn’t it? Just think that through… Those of us with overwhelming shyness can’t stand the thought of an aisle filled with onlookers. Some of us would rather elope, not out of disrespect, but out of fear.

As well as the shyness angel, there are savings to be made by going abroad. The guestlist is smaller, the group is tighter, and the chances are that those you do invite will enjoy a more intimate setting. They will get to know one another better, dance the night away, and truly take time to join two families together.

A Destination wedding means you are already on your honeymoon, that you can marry on the beach if you want to, and that you can have an outdoor celebration. However, regardless of this, many of we Londoners are afraid to opt for a wedding abroad because we assume it will be more hassle than a home wedding. In fact, the opposite is true!

How do you get someone to officiate a wedding abroad?

It’s very easy. You should visit an establishment of your own choosing in advance or communicate via email or telephone. Try to choose a country where at least one of you speaks the local language. If you are marrying in Italy, for example, it wouldn’t hurt to have someone in your wedding party who speaks Italian.

What about flowers?

Again, there are florists all over the world, not just in the west! Similarly, if you choose an outdoor wedding at the right time of year, you could take advantage of the blossoms that are naturally prevalent in the area.

How do I find a photographer for my international wedding?

That’s an easy answer too. You can book a photographer in London that will travel out with you. They will put the expense of their flights on your tab and you may need to take care of their room and board, but just include them as a guest to ensure costs are covered. If you need an internationally well-travelled photographer from London, don’t forget about Italian videographer and wedding photo specialist, Gaetano Di Giacomo.

Other considerations to make when marrying abroad

There is bed and board for your guests, meals, how long their stay will be paid for and guest health to consider. If you are having a destination wedding, be sure to choose a reputable hotel with English speaking staff who can help you out at a push.

Otherwise, get booking and have a fantastic wedding adventure!


Gaetano Di Giacomo, 

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